Burn Blast

Anyone Can Use Anywhere For Cooking Purposes

Made In Sri Lanka

This is an eco-friendly stove burn blast. It has several advantages. Truly it is beneficial. If there is anyone who is eager to try this stove, contact us for further information. Although, It is with great responsibility that we say that Sri Lanka is a high-quality product made by the youth of our own country.

The dimensions of the wood stove as follows. This is very easy to carry.


12 Inches


11 Inches


1.5 kg

Why Our Product is special

This is a 100% Sri Lankan product. A young entrepreneur is the designer of the woodstove. Although all the raw materials used for the creation are effective. That will match the all daily preparation needs of the home.





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What Our Client's Say

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D.Anura Wickramasinghe

This is the home stove 2 great for camping, prepping or if you just want an alternative/backup to an electric/gas burner can even charge devices in a pinch. Love this company, what they stand for, and the great products they have to offer.

Client Photo
Nileka Rajapaksha

I made pizza on my home stove and it was fantastic! I got the pizza dome kit to use on my stove and found that I had a home stove instead of a base camp. I placed the pizza stone on it's rack inside a large cast iron frying pan and the pizza dome over that, and even though the home stove has different specs than the base camp stove, it worked beautifully! Just using wood found in my yard I was able to make a meal for six people in about a half hour.

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You’ll know how important this piece of emergency equipment is when you need it the most. Do yourself a favor and get

Client Photo
Nilmini Jayawardane

Stove works great for camping puts out a hot smokeless fire and is easy to clean up 👍 Really Awesome Product.

Client Photo
M.Salinda Rathnayake

Amazing !!! Got one and as soon as I unboxed it I realized how great the quality was and ordered another within the hour .