Who We Are?

We all are familiar with the woodstove. Although according to the recent research it has proved that, there would be more issues arising with the woodstove. But we have overcome that massive problem. Though we have created a unique creation, that anyone can use anywhere for cooking purposes. We are the only creators of this unique creation called the stove burn blast. We are Menaka burn blast. Contact us for further inquiries.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide outstanding service for all our customers. Always we are ready to offer a qualitative service for all of you. Here are specific creation will display multiple functions. We are expecting to give a solution for the arising problems associated with the woodstove. As a solution, we have made our new creation. Although we would like to present it to the community at an affordable price. We have thought to make the day to day life easy with the new creation too. Even we have used natural products mainly. Therefore there won’t be any harm caused for the people who use it and for the surrounding.

Our mission

Our mission is to modify the stove we have made previously and to protect the surrounding environment from harmful products. As you all are aware the surrounding environment is the best resource. Because of that, we must always protect that. We certify that the stove won’t do any harm to the user and the surrounding. Therefore don’t worry about that. If anyone wishes to proceed with their work with this stove, simply contact us for further information.

The eco-friendly burn blast has made use of any kind of coconut shells and woods for the stove. Although any burning substance that causes the successful burning could be used in this stove. Although as mentioned above the stove is for an affordable price. So the qualitative stoves are for a very cheap price. I have stated already that the usage of the wood stove may be affected by several problems. Due to the problems, the deaths of the world have increased by more than 3 million. Most of the time those are women. Sri Lanka has even been influenced by this serious issue. The inhalation of the smoke is the reason for the deaths of many people. Usually, housewives are busy with their works. Therefore we have created this stove to suit the busy lifestyle of the housewives.

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, we have solved the issue with the smoke. The stove is worked with coconut shells and wooden pieces. The other main advantage of the stove is that it could be worked with the disposing substances too. Although usually LP gas is used for cooking purposes. But assume if there isn’t any gas in an emergency. Surely our creation will be needed for you to continue with the cooking purposes. This is a new creation of the young entrepreneur in Sri Lanka. Although the team of the creators has mainly focused on the safety of the surrounding environment. If anyone wants to buy this stove and try this please contact us. There are multiple advantages that could be obtained via this amazing stove.